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Executive Committee Reviews the Year’s Work

The Third Meeting of the 10th Executive Committee of ACFIC was held in Tianjin on December 18 and 19 to review the organization’s work in 2009 and lay out the tasksfor 2010. Participants analyzed the economic situations both home and abroad and the achievement and growth potential for the private economy.

The meeting reviewed and approved the work report of the Standing Committee, and elected Zhuang Congsheng as Vice Chairman of the ACFIC to take over from Shen Jianguo, former Vice Chairman and Member of the 10th Executive Committee. .

In the work report, ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu stressed the achievement of the country’s federations of industry and commerce in guiding and helping the private enterprises in combating the international financial crisis and in guiding the healthy growth of the non-public sector economic personages. It said that some key breakthroughs have been made in the bottlenecks that used to restrict the work and development of the federations.

Huang said private enterprises have played a significant role in the country’s social economic development last year and made great contributions to its economic recovery, demonstrating its strength, bounce, and vitality.

He outlined the four major tasks for 2010: provide guidance to the private economy on its structural adjustment and change of growth pattern; to enhance service for the private enterprises with a view to the country’s stable and rapid economic growth; to improve ideological and political guidance for the private enterprises with a view to increasing the overall quality of the non-public sector personages; to upgrade the federations’ investigation, research, consultation and proposal abilities with a view to the improvement of the environment for the growth of the private economy; and strengthen the construction of the federations to achieve greater solidarity, influence and implementation ability.

In the closing speech, Quan Zhezhu, ACFIC party secretary and First Vice Chairman, urged the federations of industry and commerce across the country to enhance their strategic thinking ability and plan their work beforehand.

“The federations at various levels should make a fair evaluation of the overall development trend of the non-public sector economy, fully appreciate the difficulties it may encounter and plan our work accordingly,” Quan said. “To foster the economic growth pattern of the non-public enterprises should become a major target and strategic measure of our implementation of the concept of scientific development.”

Quan, who is also Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, also called for more creativity and systematicness in the daily work of the federations of industry and commerce.

“The vocation of the federations of industry and commerce is something pioneering and innovative, and their work, forward-looking and exploratory,” Quan said.

The federations should carry out their work in a systemic manner, balancing education and guidance with service for the non-public sector, the growth of the non-public sector personages and the growth of the federations’ human resources.

Medals were awarded to the country’s 60 federations of industry and commerce for their outstanding investigation and research work.

More than 400 people attended the meeting, including ACFIC Executive Committee members, ACFIC chairman, vice chairmen, and vice chairmen of the All China Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Date:2009-12-18 10:47:39