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100 Private Entrepreneurs Win Awards for Contribution to Socialist Construction

A hundred private businessmen and personages from other so-called “new social strata” have been honored by the government for their outstanding service. An award ceremony was held in Beijing on November 6, 2009.

Giving out the Third National Award of Outstanding Contribution to Socialist Construction to None-public Economic Sector Personages, Jia Qinglin, CPC Central Political Bureau Standing Committee member and CPPCC chairman, called for the promotion of the award-winners’ exemplary entrepreneurship marked by patriotism, professionalism, business credit, law-biding and contribution to society.

The top political advisor also urged the private business circle to take on more social responsibility and contribute more to the country’s scientific development and socialist construction.

Jia said since the last award in 2006, more and more private entrepreneurs have distinguished themselves for outstanding contribution to maintaining and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics.

“What’s been achieved after the country’s reform and opening-up shows that the Party’s theories and guidelines regarding the none-public sector are completely correct,” he said.

Jia emphasized that the public sector economy has to be consolidated and promoted while the growth of none-public sector should be encouraged, supported and guided. It is important to boost the healthy development of both sectors concurrently.

Jia noted that China’s reform and development has entered a vital stage and the development of the none-public economy is facing a new historical start. In view of current difficulties and challenges, he urged private entrepreneurs to maintain their confidence, optimize industrial structure, enhance self-innovation, improve quality, and adopt an outbound business strategy. Jia said the governments and party committees at various levels must realize the important role played by the none-public sector and try their best to encourage the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the private entrepreneurs.

He urged the country’s united fronts departments and federations of industry and commerce at various levels to implement their duty and strengthen solidarity with the none-public economic sector personages, and provide them with assistance, guidance and education.

The award ceremony was co-hosted by the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Date:2009-11-2 13:57:21