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ACFIC to Make 24 Proposals to CPPCC Session

The ACFIC will make 24 proposals and deliver 8 addresses to the upcoming third plenary session of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the country’s top political advisory body.

The ACFIC briefed the media about its proposals and suggestions during a press conference on March 3rd, two days before the opening of this year’s CPPCC meeting in Beijing.

The ACFIC made eight collective proposals and suggestions concerning eight areas of the country’s social and economic development, including promotion of small-and-medium-sized enterprises, healthy growth of private sector economy, further industrial structural readjustment, guiding the healthy development of various sectors, encouraging strategic new industries and low-carbon technologies, solving the problems related to farmers, agriculture and the countryside, helping the private enterprises to go overseas, coordinated development of regional economy and the creation of new jobs.

The ACFIC said that their proposals were matched to the government’s central tasks, namely maintaining economic growth, readjusting economic structure, boosting domestic demand, furthering reform, stimulating export and benefiting the general public.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Zhuang Congsheng told the press that as an important component of the NPPCC, the ACFIC has the obligation to participate and contribute to the formulation of the country’s major political policies as well as excise democratic supervision.

“We have been voicing our opinions and making proposals regarding the hot topics, difficulties and focuses of the country’s social economic life during the annual NPPCC session,” Zhuang said.

The proposals and addresses are a result of months of extensive investigation and research since latter last year by the ACFIC national office departments, directly affiliated trade groups and local chambers of commerce. The research focused on how to handle the financial crisis, promote steady and relatively fast development of the economy and readjust economic development patterns.

Political consultation covers major principles and policies proposed by the central and local governments. It also includes matters of importance concerning political, economic, cultural and social affairs.

CPPCC has a diverse membership. It includes members of the Communist Party of China, eight non-Communist parties and members with no political affiliation. The CPPCC also includes experts, scholars and public figures in various fields.

Most members are experienced political and public figures.

Date:2010-3-11 16:23:00