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ACFIC Lays out Publicity Priorities

Publicity chiefs of the ACFIC"s provincial and municipal chapters of the All-China Federation of Industrial and Commerce met in Beijing on March 19 to discuss the major tasks and priorities of its publicity campaign in 2010.

Quan Zhezhu, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, said that because the role played by the non-public sector in the country’s social and economic development is getting bigger and bigger, publicity work surrounding it will become increasingly important.

“ACFIC’s top tasks are to inform the non-public sector of the directions of the CPC central leadership, and to guide the personnel in this sector to take unified actions with the leadership,” Quan said.

Quan, who is also ACFIC’s First Vice Chairman and party chief, said that ACFIC should get a better understanding of the people in the non-public sector, reach out, and mobilize their initiative and creativity.

Quan pointed out that the priority of ACFIC’s publicity work is not just to lead the healthy development of the non-public sector economy but also the healthy growth of the people in this sector. Therefore, he said the publicity people should realize the importance of their work, understand the problems encountered by the country in its social and economic development, and solve these problems in a scientific and progressive manner.

He urged the ACFIC publicity staff to arm themselves with not only theories but also practical experience, and keep an innovative, exploring and open mind.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Sun Xiaohua briefed the participants about the speech made by President Hu Jintao during his meeting on March 4 with the Democratic Construction Party and ACFIC members to the just-concluded annual session of the Chinese People"sPolitical Consultative Conference.

Director of ACFIC Publicity Department Gao Qinglin briefed the participants about ACFIC"s publicity plans for 2010, saying that its central task will focus on facilitating the self-initiated change of growth pattern of the private enterprises via effective media and methods.

Date:2010-3-23 20:06:44