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Huang: Growth of SMEs Key to China’s Prosperity

ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu said that China has been pushing hard for the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) so that the country"s long-term economic prosperity can be maintained.

Huang made the remarks during talks with a 55-member delegation of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), one of the most important chambers of commerce of Japan that boasts 515 local chapters and 1.38 million corporate members.

Huang said that China"s SMEs have been hit hard by the global financial crisis, but the Chinese government has implemented a series of supportive measures to help them to tide it over, and now many of them have already recovered.

The measures included helping the SMEs to improve management skills via staff training, information supply and other methods; easing the financing difficulties for SMEs via reform of the country"s financial system and improving the service of village and township banks, small loan firms and loan guarantee firms; reducing taxations for SMEs; and encouraging new starts.

"The growth of SMEs is a long-term process," Huang said. "Only when they realize growth, can the Chinese economy maintain its long-term prosperity," he added.

JCCI Chairman and Toshiba Corporation advisor Okamura Tadashi agreed with Huang,saying that the two countries SMEs face similar problems. He said that the Japanese SMEs have been hugely affected by the crisis too and are still yet to emerge from the bottom.

As the global economic structure is facing a turning point, SMEs should follow the trend and not lag behind, Tadashi said. "Only when the SMEs regain vitality can the economy be revitalized," he said.

Both sides expressed intention to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries" SMEs and the chambers of comerce.

During the talks, Huang also answered the other party"s questions concerning China"s intellectual rights protection, government purchase and financing for enterprises.

Date:2010-4-2 14:23:51