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New Chief for Textile& Garment Trade Association

The ACFIC"s Textile and Garment Trade Association has elected the second board of directors and

a new chief during its second congress.

Gao Dekang, President of Bosideng International Holdings Ltd. and an NPC delegate, was elected

the association"s new chairman. More than 300 association members from across the country

attended the congress held in Beijing recently.

ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu delivered a keynote speech. He noted that the Chinese textile

industry is facing immense difficulties due to the pressure of appreciation of the yuan,

increasing global trade protectionism and the rising costs of labor in China. He said that to be

internationally competitive, Chinese textile products have to improve quality, branding and


Huang also encouraged the association"s new leadership to play a bigger role in the growth and

prosperity of the country"s textile and garment industry.

Date:2010-5-5 8:16:13