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Quan Zhezhu: ACFIC Can Help Private Sector to Achieve More

The ACFIC should guide the non-public enterprises to realize greater success in the future, wrote ACFIC First Vice Chairman Quan Zhezhu in an article published in the People"s Daily"s Chinese website on April 29.

Quan"s article was intended as a personal rendition of Chinese President Hu Jintao"s speech to the Democratic Construction Party and the ACFIC representatives to the CPPCC session in March.

Hu confirmed the important role of the non-public sector economy in China"s social economic development, explained the significance of developing the sector, and urged the private enterprises to do more in accelerating the paradigmatic shift of growth, improving people"s livelihood, and enhancing their own calibre.

Quan said that it has been a consistent policy of the CPC and the Chinese government to encourage, support and guide the economic growth of the non-public sector so that the sector can compete on equal footing with other types of companies and form mutually progressive relationships with them.

New Start

The country"s non-public sector is stepping on a new starting line. Since the reform and opening-up, the sector has grown fast and made significant contributions to the country.

Currently, there are more than 7.4 million private enterprises, accounting for over 70 percent of the country"s total. The sector has provided 70 percent of the urban and township employment as well as 90 percent of the new jobs.

The sector has raised the country"s tax revenues, increased export, expanded product and service supply, and played an important role in satisfying the people"s increasing quest for material and cultural products.

The sector has been active in market competition and market construction, and proved helpful to the public in liberating thoughts and updating ideas, helpful to the government in changing its functions, and helpful to the establishment and perfection of the socialist market economy.

In the course of the growth of the non-public sector economy, many private entrepreneurs have distinguished themselves for their patriotism, professionalism, and social service.

The above proves that the non-public sector economy has become an important part of the socialist market economy and the key driving force of the modern socialist construction.

Internationally, in the wake of the global financial crisis, which has accelerated technological innovation and industrial structural readjustment worldwide, it has become a global trend to foster new economic growth potentials and grab technological and economic edge. Domestically,China is stepping up a systemic change of growth patterns and economic structural readjustment, promoting strategic new industries, and improving its modern industrial system. Therefore, the private sector is facing both opportunities and challenges.

New Job

The ACFIC is not only a linking bridge between the government and the CPC party and the none-public sector economic personages, but also an assistant of the government in managing and serving the non-public sector economy. It plays an irreplaceable role in guiding the healthy growth of the non-public sector economy and personages.

President Hu underlined that for the non-public sector economy to grow, we have to abide by the principle of equal entry and fair treatment, provide services such as job counseling, business information, financial support, legal advice, and staff training, and push for improved social, legal, market, and policy environments for the growth of the private sector.

Hu also said that we should also help the private enterprises to solve their major production and operation difficulties, safeguard their legal rights, and strengthen guidance and advice for their development.

Therefore, the ACFIC has to improve its own professionalism and form a systematic, far-sighted and creative working style. The ACFIC"s party committee should strengthen the capabilities of its staff, especially its leadership, so that it can carry out those targets.

Quan stressed that the ACFIC will make timely situation reports to the party and the government on the requests of the sector and advise them on the sector"s problems and difficulties.

Quan also urged the ACFIC to strenthen its local and grassroot construction, as well as its association with the private sector"s personages on the ideological level.

Date:2010-5-5 11:37:17