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Standing Committee Focuses on Hu’s Speech

The Fifth Meeting of the ACFIC"s Tenth Standing Committee has concluded its two-day sessions in Tangshan of North China"s Hebei Province on June 4th after discussing a speech by Chinese President Hu Jintao, reviewing the ACFIC Work Report, and passing the Decision on Facilitating the Change of Growth Patterns of Private Enterprises.

The Standing Committee Meeting, which is held twice a year, discusses ACFIC"s strategies and tasks, executes the decisions made by the Executive Committee and report to it.

This year"s meeting was attended by more than 200 people, including the top leaders of ACFIC and All-China Chamber of Commerce for Private Enterprises and Standing Committee members. The participants shared their views about Hu"s speech given to the panelists of the Democratic Construction Party(CPPCC) and ACFIC during the national session of the People"s Political Consultative Conference of China in March.

CPPCC Vice Chairman and ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu said that Hu has put new demands on the country"s private enterprises by urging them to move faster in changing its growth patterns, securing and improving people"s livelihood, and uplifting the enterprises" own capabilities.Huang is optimistic about the fast and solid growth of the country"s non-public sector as well as its great potential in technological renovation, structural optimization and overseas market.

Huang stressed that in making the change of economic growth patterns, the private enterprises should foster new fields of growth, advocate self-initiated innovation, coordinate fast growth with environmental protection, and actively participate in the government"s regional economic development strategy, while seeking international cooperation both in and outside China.

Huang also urged the private enterprises to create more jobs, improve employee salary and welfare, abide by the law, increase investment in poverty relief programs, and move faster in securing and improving people"s livelihood. The enterprises should continuously upgrade its management structure to build a modern, scientific corporate system and culture, Huang said.

The ACFIC"s branches at all levels should use Hu"s speech to further publicize the government"snon-public sector development policies. They should also build the stage for business and trade activities, as well asfor better connections between the banks, the research institutions and the enterprises.

ACFIC should use its expertise and provide the enterprises with targeted service, especially in financing, technological innovation in small-and-medium-sized enterprises, legal consultancy, and international marketing, as well as education and training.

In his concluding remarks, Quan Zhezhu, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee and ACFIC First Vice Chairman, stressed that the healthy development of private investment affects the change of economic growth patterns, the direction of China"s reform and opening-up, and the future of socialist market economy.

Quan said that ACFIC"s branches at all levels should use the recent publication of the so-called "36 Articles on Private Investment" by the State Council as an opportunity to guide the private enterprises toward changing their way of growth in the expansion of investment scale, and then optimizing their investment structure during the change to the purpose of promoting the healthy development of the non-public sector and the healthy growth ofits people.

Quan also called upon the ACFIC to push forward the strategic task of training an elitist team representing the non-public sector who has strong political and public awareness, and superior mangement skills.

Quan, also ACFIC"s party secretary, added that the CPC should strengthen its membership building and deepen itswork scopein the private sector.

Date:2010-6-8 17:20:49