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Chairman Pays Annual Visits to Poor Households

As China’s lunar New Year draws close, CPPCC Chairman and ACFICChairman Huang Mengfu gave out gifts and money to some poor households and unemployed workers in Luanping of Hebei Province, one of the country’s poorest counties, during a visit on January 21. Eleven ACFIC corporate members provided donations for 200 households in the county.

ACFIC has organized such visits by its national and local leaders and private entrepreneurs for the past six years.

Huang told his entourage that the federations of industry and commerce at various levels should call upon the families with living difficulties and give them care and support.

Huang said private enterprises have a social obligation of enriching and benefiting the people. “They should make their own contribution to the stable and rapid growth of the economy by creating more jobs, helping the farmers to augment incomes, and increasing investment in development and research of new products and technology.”

Date:2010-2-2 11:49:03