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Quan Zhezhu Calls for Larger CPC Profile in Private Biz

ACFIC Communist Party Secretary Quan Zhezhu has called for building a stronger Party leadership in private enterprises and urged Party members to play a pioneering role in serving and promoting the healthy development of the private enterprises, entrepreneurs and their employees.

Quan made the remarks in Gansu Province between July 5 and 7 when he was investigating the progress and problems in building the Party and promoting Party members" pioneering role in the country"s private sector.

Quan exchanged opionions with top provincial government and Party officials, local ACFIC leaders and representatives of Party members of a number of private enterprises. He also made field visits to five private enterprisesto tap their experience.

During those talks, Quan said that due to different ownerships, the position and functions of the Party organization as well as the state of thinking of the Party members vary. Building the Party and promoting the pioneering role of Party members in private enterprises will be more complex and diversifeid with a far-reaching impact than in other sectors or professions.

Currently, less than 30 percent of the country"s private enterprises have Party presence while those that do have are reporting organizing difficulties.

Quan suggested that future Party activities should focus on corporate business operations, finding solutions for the problems and difficulties in the development of the enterprises and promoting the change of economic growth model.

"It is a new topic; we have to come down to earth, stick to truth, and focus on the bottlenecks," he said.

Quan also set forth three directions for Party members both in and outside the private enterprises to follow in their aspiration to play a pioneering role.

First and foremost, their activities should promote and serve the healthy developmentof the enterprises. He urged the Party and government agencies, especially those closely connected to the growth of the private economy, including the United Front Department, the administratins for industry and commerce and the federations of industry and commerce, to play a leading role and change their own development pattern, in order to foster favorable market, policy, legal and social environments for the healthy and scientific development of the private enterprises.

Secondly, Party activities should help the entrepreneurs to expand their own calibre and grow in a healthy manner. With an increased awareness of risks, crises and professionalism, the entrepreneurs will rise to the challenges and change the growth patterns of their enterprises by liberating their own thoughts; they will balance their corporate profits with social interests, do business in an honorable manner, create more jobs, participate in social causes and charity work, and carry out their social obligations.

Thirdly, Party organizations should motivate the enthusiasm of corporate employees and foster a harmonious working relationship by helping the enterprises to achieve growth and create more benefits to the employees. The Party has a role to play in safeguarding the employees" legal rights, helping the enterprises to defuse labor conflicts, and building a people-friendly management. It should push for change from a "boss say it all" to "identification with the employees", and build a corporate culture of consensus, individuality, consolidarity and competivity.

Date:2010-7-15 18:08:58