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Shanghai, Guangdong and Guizhou Govn’t Leaders Visit ACFIC

ACFIC leaders held separate talks with the government leaders of the Shanghai municipality, Guangdong and Guizhou provinces in Beijing to review their cooperation in 2010 and map outplans for the new year.

On February 15, ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu, Party Secretary Quan Zhezhu, Vice Chairmen Song Beishan and Xie Jingrong met with the visiting Shanghai United Front Work Department Director Yang Xiaodu. Shanghai United Front Work Department Deputy Directors Ji Xiaodong and Wu Jie, andACFIC Deputy Secretary-General Ouyang Xiaoming and General Office Director Wang Jianshe also attended the meeting.

On behalf of the Shanghai government and municipal committee, Yang thanked ACFIC for its consistent assistance and support to the city"s social economic development, especially its contribution to the non-public economic sector, work of the ACFIC"s Shanghai chapter, and the successul organization of the Shanghai World Expo.

Yang also briefed the ACFIC about the conference on the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, and asked for ACFIC"s guidance and support on implementing the directive issued by the central government later last year on improving and strengthening the work of the federations of industry and commerce in the new period.

On February 16, Huang, Quan and Sun held talks with Guangdong Deputy Governor Tong Xing on jointly holding a massive event on encouraging investment by the country"s private enterprises.

Those at the meeting also included Guangdong Government Deputy Secretary-General Lin Ying, and representatives from the Guangdong Economy and Information Committee, Bureau of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Federation of Industry and Commerce, and ACFIC Secretary-General Ouyang, Membership Department Director Wang Yuan, andGeneral Office Deputy Director Zhao Dejiang.

On February 17, Guizhou Deputy Governor Xie Qingsheng and Chairman of the Guizhou Federation of Industry and Commerce Zheng Chuping paid a visit to the ACFIC. Quan, along with ACFIC Vice Chairmen Chu Ping and Sun Anmin, General Office Director Wang, Poverty Relief and Social Service Department Director Wang Gangzhi, and Economic Department Deputy Inspector Zhao Zhengran met with the guests.

Date:2011-2-23 10:38:42