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Vice Chairman Calls for Stronger County-Level FICs

ACFIC Vice Chairman and Deputy Party Secretary Song Beishan led a team to Shanxi Province to investigate the construction and organization of the county-level federations of industry and commerce and grassroots chambers of commerce between February 20 and 25.

Song visited Xiaoyi City, Taigu County, Wutai County, Dingxiang County and Taiyuan city and held talks with local FICs, COCs, enterprises, government and party officials.

Song said that the starting point and corner stone of FICs" work is to promote the healthy development of non-public economy and its people, and therefore, FICs should not only serve their members but also the entire non-public economic sector.

Song urged the governments and party leaderships to recognize FICs" unique nature as an organization of the united front and of the people with focus on the economic field, as well as its advantages in connecting with the people and enterprises in the non-public economic sector.

"The governments and party leaderships of various levels can"t accomplish their tasks in the non-public sector economy without FICs", he said.

Song asked the governments and party leaderships to attach great importance to and strengthen the organizational construction of the county-level FICs, thus creating necessary conditions for them to play a better role.

Date:2011-3-2 11:28:22