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Zhuang Congsheng Hails Guangcai Program for Effective Poverty Relief

ACFIC Vice Chairman Zhuang Congsheng urged his Chinese and US colleagues not onlyto promote the corporate social responsiblity for poverty alleviation in their own countries but devote more attention and care to the poor regions and populations around the world.

Zhuang made the remarks in akeynote speech to the third Sino-US Chambers of Commerce Cooperation and Development Forumin Chengdu of Sichuan province on October 19.

Hosted by ACFIC and the US Chamber of Commerce,the forum explored the new forms and fields of cooperation between the US and Chinese business circles under the theme of poverty alleviation through corporate social responsibility.

Zhuang said that so far, 250 million poor rural population in China has been provided with food and clothing thanks to the "massive, strong and effective" poverty relief action of the Chinese government, which has been calling for the participation in the cause by social groups, chambers of commerce andthe private entrepreneurs who get rich earlier than others.

He said that the poverty alleviation model initiated by the China Guangcai Program focusing on development and "blood-creation" for thepeople of the poor regions have helped them to change their ways of thinking, master the methods of getting rich and get rid of poverty. The China Guangcai Program was started by the Chinese private entrepreneurs on April 23, 1994 in response to the country"s Eighth Seven-Year Anti-Poverty Plan.

"TheProgram is a pioneering, self-initiated act by the private enterprises in response to the government call for poverty alleviation and development," Zhuang said,adding that it is being promoted worldwide by the United Nations as a new model.

As adeveloping country, China is not rich but it has fulfiled the pledge made in the UN Millenium Development Goals while making contributions to the development of other developing countries in accordance with its own capability, Zhuang said. For years, China has actively conducted cooperation in poverty reduction with international organizations, carrying out various types of poverty relief programs and expandingtrade ties with other developing countries.

Zhuang said that ACFIC and the US Chamber of Commerce, while promoting the corporate social responsiblity for poverty alleviation in their own countries, should also devote more attention and care to the poor regions and populations around the world.

He said the two groups should continue dialogue and exchange regarding corporate social responsibility in both countries, promote understanding and strengthen cooperation.

They should mobilize the enterprises and social forces in their countries to play active roles in achieving the Millennium Goals and participate in non-profit and charity causes.

Zhuang also proposed to create more development and investment opportunities by building regular dialogue and personnel training channels and direct and effective platforms for trade and economic exchanges, and boost corporate development and the interests of people in the two countries by realizing the cooperationoftransnational enterprises in technology, management, production and operation.

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Date:2011-10-20 14:50:25