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Preparation for Political Consultation Under Way, Part II

At a meeting hosted by the ACFIC Research Department on January 13, more than 50 representatives of various ACFIC offices and directly-associated chambers of commerce discussed the topic selection of ACFIC"s group proposals to the upcoming nationalmeetings of the Chinese People"s Political Consultative Conference.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Zhuang Congsheng urged the participants to make the quality of their proposals a top priority, by carrying out in-depth investigation and research, making comprehensive and intensive top selection, and raising forward-looking, targeted and highly feasible opinions.

He asked each ACFIC chamber of commerce to deliver one to two high-quality proposals, and stressed the importance of confidentiality and timely delivery of the proposals.

Research Department Director Tu Wenxiang said ACFIC delivered 21 group proposals to the Four Session of the 11th CPPCC National Committee in 2011, five them "priority proposals". By December 26, 2011, it has received 21 responses from all 16 concerned government agencies, such as the National Development and Reform Commission.

So far, ACFIC has received 34 group draft proposals, including 11 from chambers of commerce, and 23 from various provinces and municipalities. The proposals mostly focus on nine aspects about the development of strategic new industries, and those accountable for their processing include the People"s Bank of China and nine other government agencies.

The representatives of 20 chambers of commerce discussed the top selection, drafts collection, existing problems and the measures toimprove group proposals in 2012.

They expressed the hope to directly participate in the policy-making by relevant government ministries via ACFIC.

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Date:2012-1-17 12:00:29