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FIC Voices on CPPCC Work Report

On the first day of pannel discussions of the 5th Session of the National Committee of Chinese People"s Political Consultative Conference on March 4, CPPCC members representing federations of industry and commerce discussed the CPPCC Work Report and Proposal Report, as well as improvement to theconsultative democracy system and its working methods.

Many praised the reports for their brevity, details and pragmatism.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Liu Zhiqiang said that the most important achievement of CPPCC is that it has persisted in and improved the socialist democratic political system with Chinese characteristics, namely, consultative democracy.

And a highlight of CPPCC"s work in 2011 is legislative consultation; it has made amendment proposals to nine laws and regualtions and six key policy documents including The Regulation on Administration of Social Groups, which has helped to improve and optimize socialist legal system, he said.

Liu said that CPPCC should continue to adhere to consultative democracy, and improve consultation level and efficiency.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Wang Jianlin said that the report showed that CPPCC has played its role of making advice via proposals. "The CPPCC"s research and appeal, along with the promotion by multiple government ministries and departments, have led to the final solution of many important issues after getting attention from the CPC Central Leadership and State Council.

China Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector Deputy Chairman Song Beishan said that deeper and more comprehensive study and research is needed on expanding domestic consumption, a a key task listed in Chairman Jia"s work plan for 2012.

"In the market economy, people"s well-being is mainly realized in the form of consumption," Song said. "We should approach and research consumption from the perspective of facilitating the transformation of the mode of economic growth, and study the improvement of China"s consumer products production level in view of fully utilizing international and domestic markets," he added.

CPPCC Standing Committee member Liang Jing urged the CPPCC to pool various social strengths on the issue of survival and growth of micro and small businesses. But she warned that research should be deep and measures must be taken. "Inspection can"t replace research," she added.

The members also exchanged their experiences about how to follow up good proposals on an outstanding issue till it is solved.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Fu Jun cited the issue of small and medium commercial banks with private enterprises as the main share-holders. The issue has been blocked for quite some time due to "its possible conflicts with the interests of some government departments and ministries", despite the fact that it has been raised by dozens of members at the same time, he said.

China Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairman Zheng Yuewen urged the members to have more "run-ins" and consultation with relevant government agencies in the follow-up stage of their proposals.

Some CPPCC members also reaffirmed their confidence about the power of CPPCC in the country"s political and economic life. "When CPPCC is determined to do something, it will very much likely affect the government"s policy-making," said CPPCC member Hao Yuan from Gansu Province.

CPPCC member Zhang Yuanlong pointed out that people"s political consultation has particularly demonstracted the Chinese characteristics of consultative democracy in the country"s economic life. He also noted the fact that CPPCC"s local chapters have been very active.

"We need a very stable and dependable organization to deliberate on the country"s development plans for the next five, 10, even a hundred years, and I think CPPCC should undertake the role," Zhang said.

To this end, he suggested that CPPCC should reshuffle no more than one third of the outgoinig National Committee members to ensure that two thirds of the incoming National Committee members can "follow the existing thoughts". "This can reflect the country"s long-term considerations," Zhang added.

Date:2012-3-8 13:31:01