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Chambers Participate in Gansu Poverty Relief

In a move to mobilize more enterprises in the development of Western China, 30 chambers of commerce directly under the ACFIC signed thestrategic cooperative framework agreements on industrial developmentrespectively with 18 state-designated poverty alleviation priority counties of Gansu Province in Beijing on November 14.

At the agreements signing ceremony, Gansu Governor Liu Weiping said that poverty alleviation efforts by the chambers and private enterprises should focus on "model innovation and strength integration", tapping the distinctive resources of different poor areas for industrial development and matching the enterprises with the greatest growth potential with the poor populations with the most urgent development needs.

"This is the fundamental way for poor areas to get rid of poverty and grow rich, and also the current and future direction and focus of poverty alleviation and development effortsfor Gansu by chambers of commerce and private enterprises," Liu said.

ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu and Vice Chairman Huang Xiaoxiang also attended the signing ceremony.

Date:2012-11-20 16:22:30