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ACFIC Briefs Media on CPPCC Proposals

ACFIC has submitted 42 proposals and eight speeches to the first session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People"s Political Consultative Conference, covering the hot and difficult issues concerning people"s living, as well as major and urgent matters in China"s economic development.

At a press conference in Beijing on March 1, ACFIC Vice Chairman Zhuang Congsheng said that making proposals is a key way for advancing the country"s socialist democratic and political construction, a major method for the federations of industry and commerce to fulfil their functions, and an important channel for promoting the healthy development of the non-public economy and the people in the sector.

The ACFIC, a key circle and composing unit of the CPC-led united front and the people"s political consultation, enjoys a unique advantage in the implementation of its functions of political consultation, democratic supervision and participation and deliberation in political affairs, Zhuang said.

"Deepening reform is one of the key words highlighted several times by the CPC"s 18th National Congress, and the people in the non-public economic sector pin big hope on it," said the Vice Chairman.

Seven of the 42 ACFIC proposals are about deepening reform, including expanding private investment and financing channels, relaxing restrictions on priority sectors, improving market competition, and accelerating the construction ofa socialization service system for small and medium enterprises.

To match up with the innovation-driven development strategy raised by the 18th CPC National Congress, the ACFIC made six proposals including strengthening the intellectual property rights managment and protection ability of small and medium enterprises.

Regarding social security and people"s living, the ACFIC proposed regulating labor contract system, securing employees" legal rights and interests, and setting the same prices for the same-quality medicines.

In the construction of a beautiful China, the ACFIC made eight proposals, including further improving preferrential tax policies for environmentally-friendly firms, building and improving the water price formation and adjustment mechanism, and proactively fostering the industry of transforming agricultural and forestry garbage into clean energy.

"The federations of industry and commerce is a people"s group and chamber of commerce with non-public enterprises and people of the non-public economy as their main component, leading over 10 thousand chambers of commerce," Zhuang said, adding that 13 proposals are concerned with the healthy development of the industrial sectors and enterprises.

The eight ACFIC speeches touched upon rural financial institutional and systemic reform; Liupan Mountain area"s poverty relief and migrant reallocation; improvement of supportive policies for micro, small and medium firms; steering and supporting the participation of private firms in urban construction; propelling private economy to new competitive edge; releasing the vitality of private capital.

Date:2013-3-5 17:25:36