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Campaign to Lift Entrepreneurs Profile in China Dream

The United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee and the ACFIC have jointly issued an advisoryon conducting educational activities among personages of the non-public economy to achieve sound growth.

The document, issued on May 6,stressed that the campaign, aimed at promoting the healthy growth of the non-public economy and its personages and guiding them to make "contribution of strength and wisdom" to the construction of an all-around well-off society and the realization of the dream of the Chinese nation"s revitalization, should feature activities of strengthening the personages" faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, their trust in the CPC and the government, and their confidence in the development of private enterprises. It said that the chambers of commerce and the CPC organizations should play a leading role in the campaign.

A nation-wide telephone-video conference was held earlier on arrangement for the activities, to beorganized under the theme of "Entrepreneurs and the China Dream".

Date:2013-5-15 9:59:05