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Quan Zhezhu Researches "Entrepreneurs& China Dream" Mobilization

ACFIC Executive Vice Chairman Quan Zhezhu carried out a research in Shanxi Province between May 22 and 24 on the initial stage of mobilization for the educational activities about ideals and faiths among personages of the non-public economy under the theme of "Entreprenurs and the China Dream".

Some entrepreneurs said that this campaign has given them an opportunity to "rest, reorganize and reflect", which is conducive to bolstering their confidence in future development of their companies, especially as the economy is slowing down and enterprises are in urgent need of making structural upgrading.

After briefings with local officials and entrepreneurs as well as inspections of local enterprises, Quan said that personages of the non-public economy must continue to strengthen their faith in the socialism with Chinese characteristics, their trust in the CPC and the government, and their confidence in the development of their companies.

"Some entrepreneurs have been crushed by difficulties, partly because they lacked the three "faiths"", he said.

The ACFIC CPC Committee Secretary also explained the relationship between entrepreneurs and the China Dream. He said that the Dream is a perfect integration of national, social and personal values, while entrepreneurs and their employees are all members of this Dreamworks, and that only by practicing the Dream can enterprisesdevelop and individualssucceed.

He said that the campaign must involve small and micro firm owners who account for the greatest majority of the non-public economy, as well as the country"s cities and counties where these firms mostly settle. He added that county-level federations should also use this campaign to improve their own construction which is currently rather weak.

Activities should be tailored to different areas, sectors and corporate sizes, and integrate with the federations" major work, corporate culture and CPC construction, added Quan, who is also a Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee.


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Date:2013-5-27 16:48:47