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Standing Committee Ends 1st Meeting

The 11th ACFIC Standing Committee concluded its first meeting in Lanzhou on June 21 after adopting a resolution on carrying forward the "Entrepreneurs and China Dream" campaign.

Committee members held two days of discussions on the central directives and local practices on the campaign, and listened to expert analysis on economic situations.

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin said that the campaign is the ACFIC"s top prioritythis year. He said that the China strengths have to be rallied to realize the China Dream, and that the personages of the non-public economy are an indispensable major component of the strengths.

He said that the federations of industry and commerce should respond to the personages" aspirations for trust, reforms, fairness, security and developmentby providing them targetted education and training which willhelptheir enterprises grow in a scientific manner. Meanwhile, the federations should work to improve the environment for the development of the enterprises, helping them to solve specific problems and difficulties due to their different sizes.

Wang said that the FICs" work in the second half of the year is especially strenuous.

First, they will continue to strenghten cooperation with relevant government authorities to facilitate the establishment of a communication mechanism between the government agencies and entrepreneurs.

Secondly, they will carry out research jointly with the government on supervision of policy implementation and corporate growth environment improvement, and establishment of new mechanisms.

Thirdly, they will organize the tours of personages of the non-public economy to Tibet, southern Jiangxi, and Yan"an as part of the Guangcai Program and revolutionary education.

Fourthly, they will stage a series of activities to commemorate the 60th anniversay of the establishment of the ACFIC, compile and publish a history book on the ACFIC, select and honor the outstanding FICs staff and working units, and last but not least, hold a national reporting conference on the "Entrepreneurs and China Dream" campaign.

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Date:2013-6-24 10:41:49