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Poverty Alleviation Committee Holds 1st Meeting

At the first meeting of the 11th ACFIC Poverty Alleviation Committee in Bazhong of Sichuan on June 26,Committee members said that they will continue to explore the paths and patterns suitable for the develoment of poor areas, get the support of local governments, mobilize more non-state enterprises in poverty alleviation, and integrate the growth of their own companies with the social and economic development of poor areas. .

Unlike other ACFIC expert committees, departments or chambers of commerce, the Poverty Alleviation Committee"s Director and members are all entrepreneurs with strong financial capability and dedication to public charity; it is directly under the leadership of the ACFIC Chairmen"s Conference; its work sometimes entails financial and material input in designated poverty alleviation destinations, the Guangcai Program, and public charities, apart from research, consultancy and proposal-making, said ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin.

On behalf of the Director and Vice Directors of the Committee, He Junmin, ACFIC Part-time Vice Chairman, China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program Vice Chairman, and Sichuan Kechuang Holdings Group Chairman said that the Poverty Alleviation Special Projects Fund set up by the previous committee andlater renamed the Western Guangcai Assistance and Support Fund, has played a great role in designated poverty alleviation projects, public charity donations, and the financial service and development of federations of industry and commerce in poor areas.

Thanks to the efficiency and transparency of the fund, its financial sources have expanded from donations of the Committee members only to include many other non-state enterprises, thus becoming a key tool for the Committee, He said.

He asked the Committee members to conduct research in poor areas on an irregular basis, produce at least one high-quality report each year, and formulate feasible policy proposals.

He also stressed the importance of mobilizing more non-state enterprises in poverty alleviation and working mechanism innovation to spur the rural financial mechanism reform andthe development of rural organizations, micro and small firms, as well as to boost the development of the rural areas, the efficiency of agriculture and the income of farmers.

In the past three years, a guarantee fund for farmers has been established in Zhijin and Yilong counties to boost the income of local farmers and the development of micro and small firms via financial means. Last November, 30 ACFIC chambers of commerce signed a strategic cooperation framework pact with 18 poor counties, cities and districts of Gansu to promote business through business people for mutual win.


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Date:2013-7-2 15:08:57