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ACFIC Leaders Committed to Anti-AIDS Campaign

Top ACFIC leaders have promised to devote more resources and energy to help improve the living conditions and life quality of the HIV/AIDS patients and their families in the country’s poor regions.

ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu, Vice Chairmen Xie Jingrong, Liu Canglong and Xu Rongmao made the pledge in Beijing on March 12 at the first plenary session of the second council of the China Red Ribbon Foundation (CRRF), a national none-profit organization of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment established by the ACFIC and its some 20 corporate members in April 2004.

Since its establishment six years ago, the CRRF has implemented a number of projects in Henan, Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, under which more than 1,100 young children and infants affected by drugs and HIV/AIDS have been provided with financial support or living arrangement. The CRRF, in cooperation with more than twenty universities, launched an extensive AIDS prevention campaign offering material and information support to dozens of grassroots AIDS prevention and control none-profit organizations in the country’s poor and interior provinces. The Foundation is also active in spreading the knowledge on AIDS prevention in work places among the private enterprises.

This year, the CRRF will increase support to the Liangshan Autonomous Region in Sichuan Province, especially in the life arrangement for the young children affected by drugs and AIDS, milk feeding for the infants who can’t be breast-fed to prevent transmission from their sick mothers, and the infrastructure construction of the grassroots clinics.

During the council meeting, Xie was elected the new Director-general, Xu became the new Executive Director-general, and Qu Huaiming, the Chairman of the ACFIC Membership Chamber, took over as the Supervisory Director.

Xie unveiled a detailed plan on how to involve more enterprises in the country’s anti-AIDS campaign. Xu said he will use his capacity as the Board Chairman of the Shimao Group to mobilize more resources to help the AIDS-affected groups.

Huang expressed hope that the CRRF continues to provide effective assistance to the government’s AIDS-fighting efforts.

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