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ROK Ambassador Visits ACFIC

The newly-appointedl Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to China Yu Woo Ik and six other top diplomatic officials of the Embassy have paid a visit to ACFIC to promote ties between the two countries" private sectors.

During his talks with ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu on March 23, Yu said that China"s private sector has played a very important role in maintaining the stable and fast growth of the country"s economy in the global financial crisis.

"Private Enterprises are the backbone of the Chinese market," Yu said. "With the steady rise of the status of the private sector in the country"s GDP, the Chinese market will be become even more energetic and the people"s life will be further improved."

Yu expressed hope to further enhance Sino-Korean relations, establish closer ties between the countries" small and medium-sized enterprises by encouraging mutual investment, and provide more jobs in both countries.

Huang first extended warm welcome to Yu who was appointed the ambassador to China late last year. Huang said that China and ROK share many cultural traditions and can learn from each other regarding social development.

Huang said that as regional cooperation has become a pattern of global economic development and the world"s economic center is shifting to Asia, countries in the regional should further tighten cooperation.

"The Chinese government is very eager to promote cooperation and exchanges with private enterprises of all countries," he said.