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Huang Mengfu Visits Children of Rural Migrant Workers

ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu said that the issue of rural migrant workers is, to a large extent, the issue of their children. "Equal and fair access to educational opportunities for their children is of great significance for removing social barriers and promoting sound social development," Huang said during his visit to the children of the rural migrant workers who study at the Jinzhan Branch of the Star River Bilingual School in Beijing"s Chaoyang District on January 6.

At the school, Huang first audited an English lesson and then joined a sport session. He gave his New Year wishes to the schoolchildren and their teacher. He then was briefed by the officials from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education about the measures taken by the government to lower the schooling barriers for the children of migrant workers, improve school conditions and promote educational equality, as well as the problems it has encountered.

Huang noted that the schooling issue of migrant workers" children have got the attention of the governments at various levels and was followed up with many policies. While many schools have resorted to alternative educational formats and methods to cater for the special educational needs of the migrant workers" children, with good results, many teachers have devoted themselves to the cause as well, he said.

Huang pointed out that urbanization is an important development direction for the country during the 12th Five-Year Plan and urged the governments to take a more proactive receptive attitude towards the rural migrant workers who have made tremendous contribution to urban development.

"The hope of the nation lies in education, so does poverty reduction, and investment in education is key," Huang said, adding that while the state will increase its educational budget over the next five years, more private capital will flow to education too. "We"ll have the necessary conditions to create an equal educational environment."

He also expressed hope that the state will allocate more budget to the nine-year compulsary education and take effective measuresof allocating educational resources to reduce the pressure borne by big and medium-sized cities in promoting equal educational acess for the children of the migrant workers as their urban peers.

ACFIC donated 580 sets of school supplies to the school and more than 30 sets of articles for daily use to the teachers, handed over more than 2,000 books and 10 English tutorial equipment donated by some private enterprises, and launched a library called "Guangcai Wenku" at the school.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Xie Jingrong and Beijing Municipal United Front Work Department Director Niu Youcheng took part in thevisit, whichcame as the latest of ACFIC"s 7-year-oldprogram of paying greetings to the disadvantaged people on the occasions ofboth the Western and Chinese New Years.