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ACFIC, State Council to Continue Poverty Reduction Cooperation

ACFIC and the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development have renewed their pledge to cooperate on the country"s poverty reduction work in 2011. Office Vice Director Zheng Wenkai and ACFIC Vice Chairman Xie Jingrong briefed each other on their cooperation plans at a meeting on February 14.

Zheng said that his office will hold a ceremony during the Central Government Poverty Alleviation Work Conference in June to honour the work units and individuals who have made significant contributions to the country"s poverty alleviation over the past decade.

Zheng asked ACFIC to recommend a number of private enterprises and individuals in support of this event. He also asked ACFIC to support and participate in a fair on promoting competitive industries and investment in the country"s poverty-stricken regions in Henan Province in September.

Zheng also hoped that the two sides will continue joint training clinics for the poverty relief cadres and explore ways to promote cooperation projects between poor rural villages and private enterprises.

Xie said that the emphasis of their joint work mechanism in 2011 should be placed on guiding the participation of private enterprises in poverty relief work and on defining the respective responsibilities and policies to be taken by the government and the enterprises.

"Private enterprises should be encouraged to achieve their own development goals as they try to help the poor population to get rich through their investment," Xie said, "so that their participation in poverty alleviation can be sustained."