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Huang Mengfu Meets CICD Chairman

ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu held talks with a Taiwan delegation led by the Council for Industrial and Commercial Development Chairman Albert Wu in Beijing on July 5.

Huangsaid that with increasing economic uncertainties, the global economy is hard to make a quick rebound and the mainland export has been seriously dented.

He said that the mainland will implement a proactive domestic-demand-based policy with a focus on structural adjustment and development pattern change as well as technological innovation.

He said that micro, small and medium enterprises are encountering great production and operation difficulties in terms of high costs and taxes plus financing and hiring problems. ACFIC, a main channel for serving SMEs, has conducted research on their situations and made proposals to the government with a view to solving the problems.

The chairman noted that as cross-Strait economic and trade ties have entered a period of peaceful development with plenty of exchanges, cooperation and progress, the two sides have new opportunities to explore.

Wu said that Taiwan has also undergone a period of economic transformation, while in the process accumulating experience in technology, management and internationalization.

He said that in its bid to go global, the mainland economy can use Taiwan as a gateway.

He called for a closer, more extensive and systemic relationship between CICD and ACFIC, the two largest industrial and commercial groups on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, for the promotion of the cooperation of their commercial and industrial circles.