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Smog, Info Security Top 1st Day's Panel Discussion

In their panel discussions on the work report and the proposal report of the CPPCC Standing Committee on March 4, CPPCC National Committee members of the ACFIC circle shared their views on tackling smog, information security and how to fulfill their duties.

Wang Zhixiong said that Consultation Democracy is both an opportunity and a challenge for the CPPCC, because CD is a major channel but not the only channel and that the significance of the CPPCC depends on a good procedure.

He Baoxiang said that the CPPCC should focus, first and foremost, on research of priority and major issues, and organize in-depth research by special committees and their members over major issues of national development such as tech innovation and environmental protection.

Wang said that CPPCC’s role of supervision in the process of turning consultation results to legislation by law-making authorities is another issue to be studied. He also suggested the establishment of a proposal feedback mechanism. 

Mo Changying suggested that the CPPCC follows up the issues raised by its members by conducting grassroots-level research and inspection. She also urged various levels of CPPCC units and members to devote more energy into tracking and urging relevant authorities to solve problems.

Hao Yuan praised the bi-weekly seminar mechanism suggested by the National Committee Chairman Yu Zhengsheng in the Standing Committee Work Report as a major step of the CPPCC’s consultation method, adding that the seminar participants should include relevant government authorities and both the sides of pros and the cons in order to produce high-quality and down-to-earth proposals.

Dong Wenbiao called for transparency of political consultation and the trust of people strength, especially in promoting state diplomacy and solving religious and ethnic issues. “The mission of the CPPCC is to make as many friends as possible.

Li Changjin made four proposals: enhance the role of special committees to improve proposal quality; update CPPCC members with the country’s big picture through video-conference briefings on state policies by ministerial officials and experts; the ACFIC organizes research and participate in the drafting of laws related to chambers of commerce; ACFIC works jointly with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and makes proposals on the central design and advancement of the mixed-ownership economy.  

Regarding information security, which tops the agenda of this year’s CPPCC proposals, some of them suggested borrowing strength from Chinese private high-tech firms that are internationally advanced; drafting “Internet Personal Information Protection Law”; paying more attention to corporate information security; and clearing up the cyber space.

As to the smog which shrouded Beijing on the opening day of this CPPCC session and plagued many parts of the country for the whole winter, they discussed a basket of solutions, including building urban eco-parks and suburban eco-farms; planting trees; energy saving, emission reduction and energy structural readjustment.

(Translated from a China Business Times article carried by the ACFIC's Chinese-language website) 

Date:2014-3-7 11:06:07