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Xie Jingrong Visits Ministry of Justice


ACFIC Vice Chairman Xie Jingrong held talks with Deputy Minister of Justice Zhao Dacheng on building an effective long-term bilateral cooperative mechanism on May 11.

Xie briefed Zhao about the sustained rapid growth of the non-public economy since the country’s reform and open-up and the efforts by federations of industry and commerce to strengthen legal service and spur the healthy growth of the non-public economy and its figures. He said that private enterprises have an increasing need for legal service and guarantee as the country’s economy enters a new normal state. While noting that various judicial administrations have done plenty of effective work at increasing private enterprises’ awareness of rule of law and enhancing their ability and level of law-abiding development, the Vice Chairman also expressed hope that the Ministry of Justice will continue to lend guidance, support and assistance to the FIC circle.  
Zhao said that just as ACFIC top leaders, Minister Wu Aiying also hopes to use this meeting to tighten bilateral communication, establish an effective long-term cooperative mechanism for sound interaction, and provide high-quality and highly efficient legal service and guarantee to advance the Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy.  He stressed that the non-public economy has higher demand and expectation of legal service, and therefore judicial administrations must fully fulfill their functions and support FICs to use the legal mechanism to better serve the healthy growth of the non-public economy and its figures. 

The two sides also discussed ACFIC proposals on tightening cooperation on rolling out the publicity campaign on the rule of law, fully tapping the rule of lawyers, spurring the mediation efforts by chambers of commerce, extending legal assistance to micro and small enterprises, and establishing an effective long-term working mechanism.

Date:2015-5-15 18:05:52