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Standing Committee Meets in Changchun, as Jilin Gets Big Investment


ACFIC CPC Secretary and Executive Vice Chairman Quan Zhezhu said that non-public economy figures selected for political assignment must meet five standards, including ideological and political prowess, representation of their sectors, strong political participation and consultation ability, and good social credit and honor.

“(We must) consider their virtues first and place their ideological and political qualification foremost, rather than make nominations merely on the basis of the size of their companies and their personal wealth,” Quan told the 180 participants of the opening session of the 6th meeting of the 11th ACFIC Standing Committee in Changchun of northeast China’s Jilin Province on June 25. 

Quan, who is also a Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, stressed that to fortify and expand the patriotic United Front, federations of industry and commerce must carry out five major tasks, including healthy growth of the non-public economy and its figures, political education for figures of the non-public economy, political participation by them, grassroots organizations construction and FICs administration and staff construction.

Quan urged various levels of FICs to proactively approach entrepreneurs, attach importance to both the uncertainty of their thinking and the difficulties in their real life, support their growth and tap their talent in the principle of “serve, guide and educate”.

He noted that the primary task of the political education for figures of the non-public economy is to strengthen their political and value identification with Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, while the outstanding figures and the younger generation of the non-public economy should be the top priority.

Agendas set by the meeting included implementation of the spirits of the 18th CPC Congress, the 3rd and 4th Plenums of the CPC Central Committee and the milestone Central United Front Work Conference; and summarization and exchange of private enterprises’ experiences of go-global and participation in “Belt and Road” construction to propel their structural upgrading in the economic new normal.

The meeting coincided with the Jilin Tours by Private Enterprises jointly launched by ACFIC and the Jilin government. Through the endeavor, the country’s private enterprises and the Jilin province have clinched 2,072 project agreements with total investment of 1.369293 trillion yuan in multiple fields, including manufacturing and processing, agricultural products processing and agro-industrialization, strategic emerging industries, high-tech and industries for people's livelihoods.

Date:2015-6-26 20:46:58