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ACFIC Completes Training for 850 County FIC Leaders

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin said that the composite qualification and job performance of leaders of county federations of industry and commerce, as well as their ability to use new ways of thinking to solve new problems, are essential to grassroots FICs’ operation in the new normal economic situation.

“FICs cadres must place the cultivation of their thinking and ideological construction at the very top of their mind, regard enhancement of their ability as key and improvement of their work styles as safeguard, and be courageous, responsible, pragmatic, … and with a legal frame of mind,” Wang said in a speech titled “New Round of Industrial Revolution and Innovative Corporate Growth” at the opening day of the last of the four group trainings of over 850 Chairpersons and CPC Secretaries of county FICs in Beijing between July 13 and 16.  

Noting that county FICs stand on the forefront of serving healthy growth of the non-public economy and its figures, the Chairman called for tightening the educational campaign to make greater progress at guiding accelerated corporate structural upgrading and spurring economic development of county economy. He also urged county FICs to push for improvement of growth environment of micro and small enterprises and proactive construction of effective service platform; attach great importance to tapping the talent of entrepreneurs and guiding orderly political participation by figures of the non-public economy; and play a guiding and service role to ensure COCs’ correct development direction.   

ACFIC CPC Secretary Quan Zhezhu stressed that the educational campaign, intended to boost entrepreneurs’ trust in the CPC and the government, their faith in Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, confidence in the development of their own enterprises, and their own social credit and honor, must focus on representative figures of the non-public economy and the younger generation, and attach importance to helping enterprises solve practical problems. He also noted the chambers of commerce, as FICs’ grassroots organizations and working pillars, stand a fundamental status in FICs’ bid to boost healthy growth of the non-public economy and its figures, and hold the crux to FICs’ work.

Date:2015-7-20 16:26:41