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Quan Zhezhu Researches Political Education Work at BJ FIC

During his research in the Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce on deepening education of political faith and ideal on October 14, ACFIC CPC Secretary and United Front Work Vice Minister Quan Zhezhu said that federations of industry and commerce are ultimately the vehicle for rallying hearts and minds of figures of the non-public economy for greater contribution to realizing the China Dream of national rejuvenation.  

Quan said that the most important nature of the United Front is its political direction, political function and political guidance. The education of “si-xin”, namely “faith in Socialism with Chinese characteristics, trust in the CPC and the government, confidence in the development of their enterprises, and credit to the society”, will be the substance of the political and ideological education among figures of the non-public economy for the time being and in the upcoming period.

Quan stressed that many enterprises are facing survival and development issues as China entered into the economic new normal under persistent downward pressure; therefore, to carry the political faith and ideal campaign even further, FICs must be problem-and-practice-oriented and always keep in mind enterprises’ development and demands. He called for establishment and improvement of the credit rating standards and system for private enterprises, attaching great importance to the growth of the younger-generation entrepreneurs and strengthening education on the affairs of the world, the country and the CPC; advancing construction of a new government-entrepreneurs relationship, building government-enterprise communication platforms, and guiding entrepreneurs to heed the redline and bottom line in this relationship; fully tapping COCs’ role as the main battlefield of the educational activities, and tightening examination of COC leaders and the CPC construction at COCs to achieve effective coverage of the United Front; using the Internet and the new media as an important battlefield of the ideological political education.

Beijing FIC CPC Secretary Zheng Mojie delivered a report on the local FIC’s efforts at deepening the political faith and ideal education which prioritizes law abidance and business credit this year, as well as the plans and proposals for educational activities next year. Chaoyang District and Haidian District FICs, the Beijing Wood Industry COC, and the Shichahai COC, as well as two enterprises made presentations at the meeting, which was also attended by ACFIC Vice Chair Yang Qiru, Beijing United Front Work Department Director Dai Junliang, and Beijing FIC Chairwoman Cheng Hong.  

Date:2015-10-26 16:16:34