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Tibetan Children of Prenatal Heart Disease Benefit from Minsheng-sponsored Project

305 Tibetan children diagnosed with prenatal heart disease have received free medical treatment by end of 2016 thanks to the special fund set up by the China Minsheng Bank in collaboration with the China Guangcai Program Foundation four years ago.

The fund-supported medical checkups in 26 counties in four Tibetan cities and prefectures including Lhasa have found 684 children with the disease, who will receive medical treatment in the next stage of the project, according to a meeting of the project’s key stakeholders in Beijing on June 20.

Pledging proactive implementation of its agreement-bound duties and timely and full delivery of donations and fund, Minsheng Bank Head Office’s Social Responsibility Management Director Cao Xuesen said implementation of the project is a key aspect of social responsibility fulfilment by the Company and a show of love and attention to public benefit by its rank and staff.  

Representatives of Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University, Tibet Medical University, Beijing Qiyue Social Service Center, Chengdu Volunteers Service Team, and the Tibet Federation of Industry and Commerce gave a briefing about their participation in the project and their plans for the second stage, while Beijing Huaxin Hospital and Guangming Online also gave their views about future participation and project cooperation.   

Date:2017-6-30 15:24:40