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Fan Youshan

Fan Youshan, a CPC member, was born in Xiushui County of Jiangxi Province in October 1963. He was a major of Optical Technique and Testing at the Optical Engineering Department of China’s Changchun Optical Precision Machinery Institute between Sept. 1982 and Aug. 1986. Upon graduation, he was offered a job at the 5th Design and Research Institute of the China Armament Industry. From Oct. 1988 to Oct. 2008, he took various administrative positions, including several HR portfolios, at the China Opto-Electro Industries Co., Ltd. and the now China North Industries Group Corporation, where ultimately he became a Deputy General Manager. During that period, he also studied a master’s program on Corporate Administration at his Alma Mater in his free time. For eight years afterwards, he took leading administrative positions, including CPC Secretary, Vice Chairman and General Manager, at the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. He became ACFIC CPC Deputy Secretary and Vice Chairman, and ACGCIC Vice Chairman in December 2016.