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Wang Yongqing

Wang Yongqing, a CPC member, was born in Wen County of Henan Province in Sept. 1963. He was a major of National Economy Planning at the Statistics Department of China’s Hubei Finance Institute between Sept. 1981 and July 1985. Upon graduation, he was assigned to a job at the Finance Department of the Ministry of Railways where he worked for nine years, during which period he also interned at the Zhengzhou and Wuhan Railways Administration Bureaus, and worked as MR’s Deputy-Division-Chief-level Secretary, respectively for a year. From July 1994 to July 1998, he was Deputy and Division Chief-level Secretaries at the General Office of the National Development Bank. In the succeeding five years, he took leading positions, including General Office Director, General Manager’s Assistant and Accountant General, of the China International Engineering Consulting Corporation. During the period, he completed a master’s program on Currencies and Banking at the Finance Department of the China Renmin University and studied English at the night school of the China Foreign Affairs University. Between Dec. 2003 and Nov. 2016, he was Deputy and then Director of the Fifth Bureau and then Director of the 6th Bureau of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee. In July 2007, he was awarded a Doctoral Degree upon completion of seven years of study as a major of Economics of Industries at the Beijing Jiaotong University. He became Vice Chairman of ACFIC and ACGCIC in Dec. 2016.