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ACFIC Convenes Mass Line Conference


At a mobilization conference in response to the CPC's Mass Line call on July 3, ACFIC CPC Committee Secretary and Executive Vice Chairman Quan Zhezhu said that the ACFIC will carry out the Mass Line campaign in tandem with its Entrepreneurs and China Dream campaign.


Quan, who is also a Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, said that the ACFIC will attach great attention to and maintain close ties with the grassroots and the common people, and be modest and learn from the personages of the non-public economy.


"It will continue its practice of getting into the enterprises to discover problems and learning to find answers and solutions from the grassroots," Quan said, adding that the ACFIC will conduct in-depth research on the inherent relationship between promoting the healthy growth of the personages of the non-public economy and consolidating the mass and social foundations for the governance of the CPC.



The conference was attended by several ACFIC Vice Chairmen, current and former CPC Committee members, top officials of the ACFIC institutions, and the entire ACFIC National Office staff.

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