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Wang Qinmin Visits Taiwan


At the inaugural ceremony of the 12th Forum on Economic Cooperation Across the Taiwan Straits and Between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao in Taipei on August 3, ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin said that the big challenge confronting business circles of the four parts of China is how to beef up industrial innovation and integrate innovation into various stages of production and business operation to lift corporate core competitiveness and realize innovation-driven, sustainable growth.

Wang stressed that implementation of the Belt and Road initiatives is strengthening the mutually beneficial and profitable ties between China and its neighbors and countries along the Belt and Road, is set to become the Mainland's economic engine in the New Normal stage, and is creating better environment and opportunities for cooperative development across the Taiwan Straits and between the Mainland and the Hong Kong and Macao SARs.

Under the theme of “Innovative Industries and Harmonious Society”, business and academic circles of the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao discussed how to propel industrial innovation and undertake social responsibility in their own regions and sectors at the Forum, which was co-hosted by the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers Association, the Macao Chamber of Commerce and the ACFIC.

The Chairman noted that a sound framework of advantageous complementariness and integrated development across the Taiwan Straits and between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao has been established with increasingly closer interaction and investment ties.

Wang urged their chambers of commerce to deepen mutual understanding, tighten cooperation, tap their respective advantages and jointly push ahead the complementariness, interaction, communication and integration among their business circles.


During the visit to Taiwan between August 3 and 6, the 24-member ACFIC delegation led by Wang also visited Topbi, a leading children’s clothes maker with Mainland investment and held a meeting with Mainland enterprises investing in Taiwan for research on the condition of their business. The delegation also held meetings with former Taiwan Kuomintang Chairman Lian Chan, Straits Exchange Foundation Chairman Lin Join-sane, and SEF Former Chairman and Straits Trade Association Chairman Chiang Pin-kung, and visited the Third Wednesday Club, the Taiwan Federation of Industry, the Taiwan Association of Industry and Commerce, and the Taiwan Association of Young Entrepreneurs (in photo) for exchange on dovetailing information technology, biological sci-tech, modern agriculture, finance, cultural creation and tourism between Mainland and Taiwan business circles.

Date:2015-8-10 22:11:28