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ACFIC Presidium Holds 19th Meeting in Beijing

ACFIC’s non-resident, entrepreneurial Vice Chairmen were urged to exert greater efforts and play a vanguard role in political, social and business arenas during the 19th meeting of the 11th ACFIC Presidium in Beijing on March 4.

The meeting was attended by ACFIC Chairman and Vice Chairpersons, the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee officials, and some ACFIC senior officials,

Participants were briefed on the 2016 work reports by non-resident, entrepreneurial Vice Chairmen and the democratic ratings about them, and heard suggestions on the amended drafts of The Framework of the Report to 12th National Congress of the Chinese Federations of Industry and Commerce and The Charter of the Chinese Federations of Industry and Commerce.  

Participants agreed that the annual work report delivery by non-resident, entrepreneurial Vice Chairmen over the past two years has pushed ahead ACFIC’s leadership construction.

Participants agreed that these Vice Chairmen have collectively demonstrated a stronger sense of duty implementation and increasingly played an exemplary and leading role.

These Vice Chairmen must play a vanguard political role, firming up their ideal and faith; they must take a vanguard innovative role, improving their business development quality; and they must take a vanguard responsible role in social affairs, setting good examples of patriotism, professionalism, law-abiding business, innovation and entrepreneurship, and social responsibility, and playing a more active role in spurring healthy growth of the non-public economy and its figures, according to the meeting.

Date:2017-3-6 16:39:24