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ACFIC-SAT Co-op Deal to Smooth Dialogue With Private Biz

ACFIC and the State Administration of Taxation agreed on tightening working ties through establishment of a high-level bilateral meeting mechanism and an information exchange mechanism, holding talks with entrepreneurs when necessary and conducting major project research, to improve communication on taxation issues with private enterprises and boost their healthy growth.

The two sides signed the agreement in Beijing on March 31 before their first joint symposium on deepening taxation reform to propel development of private enterprises.

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin said that Federations of Industry and Commerce, acting as a bridge for the CPC and the Chinese government to reach to figures of the non-public economy and acting as the government’s aide regarding management of and service for the non-public economy, has always attached great importance to establishment of working relationships with government departments and building platforms of communication between government and enterprises.

Taxation acts as an important systemic safeguard for resource allocation optimization, market integration and social justice, and SAT’s efforts at deepening taxation reform and serving the non-public economy has created a favorable environment for mass innovation and entrepreneurship and for boosting the vitality of the non-public economy, he said.

The establishment of a ministerial-level cooperation mechanism between ACFIC and SAT will lay a good foundation for deepening their pragmatic collaboration and jointly serving the non-public economy; it is conducive to improving tax collection and administration, optimizing tax payment service, and continuously deepening taxation system reform; and it is conducive to tapping the organizational advantages of Federations of Industry and Commerce and Chambers of Commerce to guide and educate enterprises of the non-public sector to pay tax in accordance with law and do business in a honest and creditable manner.   

SAT CPC Secretary and Director Wang Jun said that private enterprises have demonstrated a strong growth momentum with contribution to over 60% of China’s GDP, over 50% of taxation, and over 80% of jobs, and become a major force behind the sustained and healthy growth of the economy and the growth of taxation.

He noted that SAT has always attached great importance to and given strong support to development of private enterprises through various measures in line with the decisions of the CPC and the State Council.

In the near future, taxation departments will as always deepen taxation reform, optimize taxation payment service and implement various favorable taxation policies to assist with enterprises’ growth pattern change and structural upgrade.  

“Firstly, we’ll carry out taxation policies to lower the costs and lighten the tax burden of private enterprises; secondly, we’ll optimize taxation payment service to ease and smooth the way for private enterprises; thirdly, we’ll tighten interaction between banks and taxation departments to facilitate financing for small and micro firms,” Wang said.

Wang expressed hope that private enterprises will seize unprecedented historic opportunities, persist in innovation-drive growth, continuously enhance their core competitiveness, participate in the Belt and Road construction, distinguish themselves with quality and strength, undertake social responsibility and jointly build and share the China Dream.

Views and proposals were given on issues, such as taxation policy improvement, taxation agreement implementation, and taxation service optimization, by Hongdou Group Founder and Chairman Zhou Haijiang, Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group Founder and Chairman Li Shufu, Evoc Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Founder and Chairman Chen Zhilie, Huajian Group Founder and Chairman Zhang Huarong, Time Group Inc. Founder and President Wang Xiaolan, Ossen Group Founder and President Tang Liang, TDC Cutting Tools Inc. Founder and Chairman Qi Shumin, Jingdong Group Founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong, and Alibaba Group Founder and Chairman Jack Ma.

Date:2017-4-2 16:55:51