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Vice Chair Researches Poverty Alleviation Program in Chongqing

ACFIC Vice Chairman Xie Jingrong said industrial-development-based poverty alleviation must proactively serve agricultural supply-side structural reform, during his research on quality and efficiency improvement of the “10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages” Program in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality and its Shizhu County from June 14 to 16.

Xie heard from the local governments about their implementation of the Program, had exchanges with enterprises about their good experiences and practices as well as their difficulties, problems and requests, and visited four enterprises in the County participating in the Program and inspected the Program databases of seven enterprises. He spoke highly of Chongqing’s rapid and effective implementation of the Program, especially participating enterprises’ enthusiasm.

Noting that the national Program’s main target in 2017 is further improvement of quality and efficiency, Xie elaborated that it means higher technological and organizational levels, better product quality and friendlier environment, plus enhanced land and labor productivity, and higher income growth rate and participation ratio of the farmers.

These goals can be achieved through three channels, namely, green production technology, green products, and green environment construction; new breeds, high quality and good brands; new market navigation, new technology application and new mechanism building.

He underlined detail-oriented approach to implementation of the Program, urged entrepreneurs to carry out their projects with high sense of duty, and called for nurturing local talents to lead the poor population rising over poverty. He also advised the establishment of an enterprises’-farmers’-poor households’ interests-linking mechanism to boost win-win and sustained and steady poverty alleviation.

Date:2017-6-21 15:14:21