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Vice Chair Lectures on AI Technology

ACFIC Vice Chairman and Baidu Inc. Chairman and CEO Robin Li gave a lecture on artificial intelligence under the titile "the technology that changes the world and ushers in a new era" at ACFIC head office on June 22.

AI: The Main Course

Li said AI is, essentially, to make machines understand human beings and achieve exchange between humans and materials, which is a qualitative change from the Internet which has merely enhanced people-to-people communication efficiency.

Global AI investment by tech giants reached 30 billion US dollars in 2016. China is one of the world’s leading AI research powers with huge investment in capital, human resources and policy. The term was included in the Government’s Work Report during the country’s two political sessions in 2017.

AI: Multiple-arena Applications

Li demonstrated the application of AI technology in multiple real-life scenarios. The “speech sound technology” can be used to make TVs understand your talk and automatically carry out such functions as search and volume change. “Unmanned driving technology” can be used widely in civil transport around 2020 to relieve fatigued drives. “Baidu People Search” has used the “face identification technology” to locate the child lost by his family 27 years ago. Baidu has also used “virtual reality technology” to restage Beijing’s mostly long-lost nine city gates.   

AI: 3 Growth Stages

AI development is undergoing three stages: first, the weak stage, when AI can be applied in certain fields, and in which we currently live; second, the strong stage, when machines can possess the complete intelligence of human brains, and which might not materialize in the next few decades; and the super stage, when machines can be smarter than humans, which some believe will never materialize.  

AI: New Idea of the Age

Li said AI can make people live a better life, and in the future, drivers, translators, financial analysts and some other professions will possibly be replaced by AI, but the age we live in needs more creative work and human resources who understand AI better.

In summary, Li said firstly, the current technological trend is to switch from Mobiles to AI, as when we turned from PCs to Mobiles in the times of Internet; secondly, we must pay attention the integration of software and hardware; thirdly, we must underline the significance of algorithm, esp. data spike algorithm, which advances social progress; and lastly, AI-based online products strategy is basically a dimensional reduction attack.

Date:2017-6-23 11:12:06