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Xu Lejiang Researches Poverty Alleviation in Bijie City

During his research on targeted poverty alleviation in Bijie City of southwest China’s Guizhou Province from August 5 to 7, United Front Work Vice Minister and ACFIC CPC Secretary and Executive Vice Chairman Xu Lejiang called for tapping the market’s resources allocation role and using market operation and corporate management models in poverty alleviation projects to lead the poor population to achieve steady and sustainable income growth through industrial development.

He also called for enhanced regulation, management and service by the government to guide assistance projects to advance in the correct direction.

Xu’s team visited the poverty alleviation and development assistance projects invested by Evergrand Group, Powerlong Group, Zhengbang Group, Guizhou Xingwei Industrial Group and Guizhou Xinnong and Huinong Agricultural Development Company in Zhijin and Dafang counties, held a seminar on the local implementation of the 10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages Program, and exchanged views with local government and CPC officials, entrepreneurs, industrial development-based poverty alleviation projects leaders, and poor household members to learn about their overall poverty alleviation situation, corporate poverty alleviation projects, and the poor population’s follow-up poverty alleviation demands.   

Xu noted that nearly three decades of assistance and support by the United Front to the city has led to a rather complete poverty alleviation working mechanism with much successful experience. He expressed full affirmation to and confidence in the local efforts, and said that he was impressed by Program-participating enterprises’ careful consideration to their assistance work and the poor population’s attitude change from “being asked to get rich to eagerly seeking to get rich”.     

Xu urged Federations of Industry and Commerce to guide the 10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Enterprises Program to further gravitate toward the extremely poor areas and allow entrepreneurs to get an integrated experience of “making contribution while receiving education” in the process of rendering poverty alleviation assistance.

Xu’s team checked the database of Zhijin County’s 100 Enterprises Assist 100 Villages Program and the archives of the Guangcai Assistance and Guarantee Fund for Farmers. ACFIC donated 2 million yuan of poverty alleviation fund to Zhijin County.

Date:2017-8-9 18:55:46